film by Ana Nedeljković & Nikola Majdak jr.

about the movie

Untravel is a story about the fear of crossing boundaries and the possibilities to overcome it. It is a story about the relationship between personal and political boundaries, and the complex relationship between patriotism, tourism and emigration, as well as the relationships between utopias, dystopias and reality. The inspiration for the film is a personal trauma which occurred as a result of the country's isolation, the inability to travel and the situation created after the abolition of the visa regime in Serbia. However, the idea of the film is to present that topic in a universal manner without any local references. The film addresses several parallel questions: How much and in what way do state borders shape our personal space? What are the far-reaching consequences of the isolation of a country and the inability to travel? What is the contrast between the romantic ideal of a tourist travel and the need to escape from the country where the basic livelihood of people is endangered? 

The film use stop motion animation and plasticine puppets. We believe that in today's world, used to documentary screenshots of brutal social events, this type of animation that at first glance suggests the "naive world of childhood" to the audience has a great potential to successfully present a story which deals with current social issues.

For the purpose of a clearer presentation of the topic, we created the specific characters called the Girls. They represent a modification of the characters called Evil Girls designed by Ana Nedeljkovic and used in her artistic work in different media and contexts. The term "Girl" is ironic. Although they have certain elements of "sweet and naive" female characters, they are above all politically conscious and active subjects.

More info 

 "There is a tiny border between utopia and dystopia", interview with Ana Nedeljkovic and Nikola Majdak, Zippy Frames (EN)


Director: Ana Nedeljković, Nikola Majdak Jr. 

Animation: Ana Nedeljković

Animation supervisor: Nikola Majdak Jr.

Production design: Ana Nedeljković

Story: Ana Nedeljković

Character design: Ana Nedeljković

Director of photography: Nikola Majdak, Jr.

Producer: Jelena Mitrović

Co-producer for Your Dreams Factory: Eva Pavlovičová

Co-producer for BFILM: Peter Badač

Executive producer: Igor Kecman

Editing: Milina Trišić

Music: Dušan Petrović

Sound design: Vladimir Janković

Final sound design and sound mix: Aleksandar Protić

Color grading and rig removal: Vladan Obradović

Narrator: Maša Mileusnić

Rigging: Nikola Majdak, jr.

Script consultant: Adela Zvalová

Title design: Aleksandra Jovanić

Production design assistant: Irena Bogić

Voices: Vladimir Janković Slonče, Vuk Saletović, Jelena Kusovac, Andrijana Stefanović, Nataša Mihailović, Nevena Ostojić, Senka Milutinović, Sofija Živković

Production assistant: Jasna Delić, Martina Čeretková, Imelda Selková

Sound postproduction: La Plant Studios

Final sound design and sound mix:

DCP: Living pictures

Technical facilities: Vision Team

Lights by: Arhitel


In Coproduction with: Your Dreams Factory and BFILM

Thanks to: Senka Milutinović, Nataša Mihailović, Nevena Ostojić, Petar Popović, Žarko Bogdanović, Andreja Leko, Ivan Šijak, Miroslav Lakobrija, Stevan Vuković, Budimir Simić, Milivoje Životić, Nikola Bogić, Martin Smatana, Zoran Jovanović, Steve Agnew, Matt Prodger, Jelena Vukotić, Nikola Mladenović

This film was financed by Film Center Serbia/Ministry of Culture and Information Republic of Serbia and ZDF Arte.

The development of this project was financially supported by Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

© 2018 FILM HOUSE BAS CELIK/ Your Dreams Factory /BFILM




Grand Prix Animation, Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia

Grand Prix Golden Pegasus, Animator, Poznan, Poland 

Best Balkan Film, Anibar, Peja, Kosovo 

Special mention, World Festival of Animated Film Varna, Varna, Bulgaria 

Special mention, Balkanima, Belgrade, Serbia

Special mention, SITGES, Sitges, Spain

Best Film (Students Jury), Carbonia Film Festival, Carbonia, Italy 

Best Script, Animage, Brazil 

UNICEF Award, ZINEBI, Bilbao, Spain 

Best International Film, Dublin Animation Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland

Annie Award Nominee for Best Animated Short Subject



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